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We look at every submission, it’s the best way for us to be introduced to you.

We prefer clean and simple snap shots, a plain or white wall is perfect. 

We do not hold regular open calls. Any time we schedule an open call or scouting event, it will be announced on our website and our social media @ataahua_models

Measure your height for exact number barefoot (with no shoes on)

We need your waist measurement (measure in cm or inch)


You will hear back within one week if we are interested in more pictures, a video chat or meeting you in person.

Meetings are by appointment only, after a photo submission.




Take a quick picture (on your phone is fine) in natural light/well-lit area, we need clear/crisp photos 

Wear simple clothing that complement your figure such as fitted black jeans, fitted black singlet/crop top or alternatively in swimwear.

Girls wear NO makeup at all, we want to see your natural beauty!

Don’t try too hard in the photos, we want you to look as comfortable as possible

Upload a clear headshot, side profile and full body against a plain background, remember it is about you not the background.

See the following examples below:

Side Profile
Full Body.jpg
Full Body Shot

Do not refresh or leave this page until the confirmation message appears below. We look forward to seeing your application.  

Thank you, we have received your application!

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