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This art piece collection is untitled but inspired by recent events throughout the indigenous pacific of mana whenua fighting for the preservation of their ancestral land, lei pieces in the range pay homage to kanaka maoli of Hawaii. The dye elements are painting stories of Mauna Kea and also speaking to the pollution of the waters ways through Ihumātao. I begin to question my design decisions as a Maori entrepreneur the fight for growth versus environmental sustainability

To see more of Adrienne Whitewood's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Our story begins in the Pacific with the ancient arts of binding and tension found throughout and utilised for architecture, armour, weapons, utensils and adornments. Binding was a language, the patterns created having meanings that become etched in skin, beaten and woven, carved and lashed to form new stories and new meanings. 

Our intention is to reinvigorate these arts by connecting to our past of traditional form and motif and give them new life through modern textiles and technological advancement. But with the age old motive of identity, expressing ones heritage, and collective story telling.

Through our statement pieces we give you ways to express boldly who you are, where you come from and where you see yourself in the world. Seeing how people wear our garments inspires us with their creativity and creating their own spin on our designs, incorporating our story with our community - a shared story between us and you. 

To see more of Aritaua's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

P A R A K O R E (zero-waste)

‘Ko tatou te iwi Māori. He hononga kaha ki te whenua ō tōu tātou tūpuna. Ko tātou ngā kaitiaki i konei kē, hei tiaki, hei tiakina mō ake tonu atu.’

‘As Maori, we have strong ties to this land, we are guardians of it and therefore, we are here to protect it, to preserve it.’

This truth has been explored in this collection.
Recycling, reinvention and waste-free is key. Crafted from salvaged fabrics and collection offcuts, brought back to life in modern silhouettes. Densely coloured prints are mixed with neutral and classic tones keeping the colour palette well balanced. Zero-waste patternmaking and construction techniques have been used giving some pieces a more deconstructed feel.

P A R A K O R E is a contemporary mix of fashion, artisanship and sustainability.

To see more of Aroha Langely's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Revival utilises all my artists skills creating Avant Garde / Customized Streetwear.


Each piece pulls Wairua (spirit) from my cultural background into modern concepts, bringing a sense of empowerment. 

To see more of Cheremene Castle's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Cove Republic was founded in 2017. All of Cove Republic's pieces are proudly designed & handmade in New Zealand. With beautifully vibrant colours & adjustable features these designs are made to work with the female form. Cove Republic's designer, Chenay Radcliff, knows first hand how female bodies are constantly changing & thinks swimwear should be able to adapt accordingly.

To see more of Cove Republic's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Grumpy suns is a conscious street brand. They make their apparel from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, both in New Zealand and as ethically as possible overseas. Their goal is to encourage and grow societal and environmental awareness. 
'Fashion is an art and can speak to humanity we want to speak about sustainability and unity'

To see more of Grumpy Sun's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.


Raised in Kaikohe

Designing in Kaikohe

Making in Kaikohe

Staying in Kaikohe

IndigenousASF™️authentic, quality fashion Made in New Zealand. IndigenousASF™️ represents freedom to express yourself and your culture without limitations.  IndigenousASF™️ markets to all free spirited Indigenous peoples.


This is “Low Key” IndigenousASF™️’s first streetwear collection due to drop online at IndigenousASF.com Spring/Summer 2019

To see more of Indigenous ASF's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

J'AKEs collection "RANGIRUA" continues the journey of garment and concept exploration by finding beauty in the unknown. 


The kaupapa comes from the seeking traveller and is inspired by the two tones of landscape, the sky and the earth.(Ranginui & Papatuanuku)


Nomadic silhouettes combined with utilitarian structure are visual references of the historical Maori war and pioneer battalions.

To see more of J'ake's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

A dis-connected collection?


This collection features an array of contrasting fabrics and colours to create a mixed matched collection. The collection is made up of a number a versatile basics  that can be dressed up or down depending on the wearer. The looks focus on self expression and individuality while playing on the idea that as detached as we become sometimes, we all have a match out there somewhere.

To see more of Jimi's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Mitchell Vincent Collection is a ready-to-wear clothing label, self-titled after the designer Mitchell Vincent.


Designed for the New Zealand market with the international customer in mind, the clothing is made for both women and men available online, retailers and soon to be in stores around New Zealand. Each collection is inspired and created with ties to his Māori, British and Polynesian heritage. Ideas are drawn mostly from his Ngāti Tūwharetoa roots, together which a contemporary, wearable and minimalistic design aesthetic.


With over 9 years experience within the retail and fashion industry, you might already know the label from our 5 showcasing at New Zealand Fashion Week. Mitchell Vincent Collection has also been featured on popular television shows, red carpets, worn by some of your favourite celebrities and walked runways around the world.

Created in limited runs to maintain exclusivity, the brand is rapidly growing around the country. Our promise to you, our customers is to maintain quality products with all heart featured in each design.

To see more of Mitchell Vincent's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Afrofuturism and African cotton wax prints heavily influence the Rua Collection and reflects bright and bold colours and motifs which are the signature of this design aesthetic.


The collection embodies strong, universally understood ethnic flavours and marries them with confident, sexy and feminine elements. The Tāniko print which represents Tino Rangatiratanga (sovereignty over oneself) is a signature design element in the collection.

To see more of Nichola Te Kiri's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.

Kahu Raumati

The first collection is a selection of swimwear and summer covers and wraps.

Made from 100% cotton and Lycra, most of the fabrics used in this collection have been custom
designed by Taongahuia, using influences from Raranga, taaniko and poutama.

Tati Tuarangi 

In the 2nd part of the Collection, the colours, patterns of poutama and fabrics of tulle, nett, lace,
satin and sequins have been used to tell a story... A story bout a Star who is but a speck in the great
Cosmos above.


We start with the great bang and the creation of the Cosmos. She takes us on a journey and
introduces us to Te Marama. Te Marama plays a huge role in te Ao Maori and our natural
resources and has a rippling effect over all living things. This whakapapa relationship is reflected
in the use of the Poutama design.


She sits comfortably in Ranginui-te-po the vast night sky


And contrasts well amongst her whānau Ngā Whetu, which reflects and contrasts against the


We come upon Pohutukawa, the star that connects the dead to Matariki


Pohutukawa the star to whom incantations are made remembering our whanau who have
passed on


She then meets up with the cluster of stars known as Te Waka a Rangi. Te Waka a Rangi is
captained by Taramainuku who sets his nett annually and gathers the spirits of those who have
passed during the year and prepares them for their final journey, when they are cast into the sky
to become stars upon the rising of Matariki.

To see more of Taongahuia Maxwell's collection at The Ataahua Fashion Show please click here.